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Not a Designer? Take a look at Office or Mac templates.

You want to print double sided and in full colour? Choose a sturdier paper with a min. 150 gr/m2.


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Loose leaf & Binders

boren   ordner
These punched leafs prefer to be in a binder. In the size A4 with 2, 4 or 23 holes. Leafs with 23-holes (euro)punch fit in every binder. There's a wide range of quality paper to choose from. Print your leafs single or double sided. In black & white or full colour. The choice is yours…

We can put your printed sets in a 4 holes- or 23 holes FSC-binder for you, as a free service. Our 4cm, 5,5cm or 7mm thick binder has a transparent plastic folder on the cover and back. So the cover can be designed according to your own wishes. Let our complete, neat and fast service work for you!

Binder with content, or just the content?

You want the full service? We print & put your (educational) material in a FSC-binder. Or ready to be put in a binder... with or without holes. Printed black & white or full colour. It's as simple as that. Let your Copyshop do the work for you and save you time and money.

Sort your (loose) leaf printing online in just a few clicks. Simply order A4, A3 or A5 in different qualities of paper. Choose for yourself! Single, or double sided in black & white or full colour. Do you have a one page document? Go to Flyers & Leaflets . Here you have more options in relation to sizes and finishing.